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Biofuels in the present world are one of the most promising types generation. Buy Firewood, brennholz kaufen you can on our website.

Fuel pellets - biofuel, produced from waste business activities mankind. Separated several types, depending on material, which are.

Wood. Primary material for manufacturing - waste lumber.

Vegetable. In the quality of the primary material are husk, cereals waste.

Peat. For manufacture of these pellets use milling peat.

Eurowood is identical pellets product. For them the primary materials to waste wood industry. briquettes subdivide depending on configuration round, rectangular, versatile with the center hole.

This sort of of biofuels is considered one of the most economical alternatives for heating. Buy Firewood, briquettes, pellets you can Cost fuel briquettes is one of the most liberal among heating materials.

Main benefits this type fuel: the possibility of long; when combustion stands of strangers specific odors; pellets from sawdust give three times more heat than wood chipped; are produced the briquettes no use pitches, so they clog up stove and provide a a nice scent; emit carbon dioxide ten times less than the natural gas fifty times smaller than the coal. They applying mainly fires and heaters, but solid fuel boiler system, grills. Widely used and for any varieties heating devices. Burning of wood briquettes from sawdust goes without sparking, with insignificant smoke emission. Fuel briquettes is done dense and keeps form the natural way, sawdust adhere due to change the structure of wood when temperature pressing pressure under heating. No extraneous adhesives substances or binders used, these biofuels consist of free of impurities wood oak, birch, therefore they are recognized environmentally friendly efficient fuel.

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Utwórz nowy temat Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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